Mel Prest

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota

Lives and works in San Francisco, California



1999      MFA Painting, Mills College 

1991      BFA Painting, Rhode Island School of Design



2016      Mel Prest & Martha Clippinger, c2c project space, San Francisco, CA (two person show)

              In Praise of Planetary Time, B Sakata Garo, Sacramento, CA

2015      COLOR CHANT, Chanda Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, CA

2014      MoonBrightChime, Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX

2013      ZeppelinMetroMashup, B Sakata Garo, Sacramento, CA

2011      Four Tokyo Metro Drawings, Candystore Collective, San Francisco, CA

2009      Station to Station, B Sakata Garo, Sacramento, CA (two person show, with Seth Koen)

              Sky Black Ray, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2006      Pacific Transmissions, Branch Gallery, Durham, NC

              Alignments, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2004      Chromatics, MH deYoung Artist Studio, San Francisco, CA

2003      Open Line, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA          

              Bowerhaus, The Bower, San Antonio, TX

              Color and Line, Contra Costa College Gallery, San Pablo, CA

              Fresh Paint, Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont, CA

1998      This is Why I Sing Birds, Ensemble Room, Mills College, Oakland, CA

1995      New Work, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

              Challenge 1, Samuel B. Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA



forthcoming: 2016 show at c2c Projects, San Francisco, CA

2015      Therely Bare Redux, Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville, TN

              Therely Bare Redux, Clara M Eagle Gallery, University of Tennessee, Murray

              Territory of Abstraction, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

              Out of Storage, Studio 110 Projects, Sausalito, CA

              Art Market San Francisco, (with Chandra Cerrito Contemporary), San Francisco, CA

              The Airplane Show, B Sakata Garo, Sacramento, CA

2014      un.bound.ed, curated by Brent Hallard and Don Voisine, Root Division, San Francisco, CA(edition)

              DOPPLER SHIFT, curated by Mary Birmingham, Visual Arts Center, Summit, NJ (catalogue)

              The Intuitionists, curated by Heather Hart, Steffani Jemison & Jina Valentine, The Drawing Center, New York, NY (catalogue)

              First/ Last, curated by Heather Phillips, Park Life, San Francisco, CA

2013      DOPPLER, Parallel Art Space, Brooklyn, NY (catalogue)

              Generations IX: The Red/ Pink Show, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

              Made In Paint: 2012 Artists in Residence, The Sam & Adele Golden Gallery, New Berlin, NY    

              Rituals of Exhibition II, Light Space Project, H Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

              Rituals of Exhibition, curated by Giles Ryder and Gilbert Hsiao, Don’t Be Selfish, Phayao, Thailand

              POSTE CONCRET II, curated by Richard van der Aa, ParisCONCRET, Paris, FR

2012      Soft Luminosity, curated by Guido Winkler and Iemke van Dijk, IS Projects, Leiden, NL (edition)

              Art On Paper 2012, The Weatherspoon Museum of Art, Greensboro, NC(brochure)

              Islands of Order in a Sea of Chaos, curated by Ruth van Veenen, de Vishal, Haarlem, NL

              Doppler Stop, Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier, Amsterdam, NL (catalogue)

              Doppler Stop, Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam, NL

              Doppler Stop, Fluctuating Images/ General Public, Berlin, DE

              Doppler Stop, trenutak.39/ Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, HR

              Trade-O-Mat, curated by Kathryn Kenworth, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA

2011      A Romance of Many Dimensions, curated by Brent Hallard, Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY

              POSTE CONCRET I, curated by Richard van der Aa, ParisCONCRET, Paris, FR

              BYO, IS Projects, Leiden, NL

              Stop & Go Rides Again, touring exhibition curated by Sarah Klein, Z Space, San Francisco, US; Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam, NL;

              Fluctuating Images/ General Public, Berlin, DE; Fluctuating Images/ Interventionstraum, Stuttgart, DE

              An Exchange with Sol Lewitt, Massachussetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA (catalogue)

              ReTrace, Cesar Chavez Art Gallery, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

2010      TOUCH, curated by Brent Hallard, ParisCONCRET, Paris, FR (catalogue)

              Factor XX, curated by Jenny Balisle, Los Gatos Museum, Los Gatos, CA (catalogue)

              The Rule of Typical Things, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009      TRANS: form | color, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA (catalogue)

              TRANSformal, Pharmaka, Los Angeles, CA (brochure)

              The Grid, curated by JT Kirkland, MP5, Portland, OR

2008      Calculated Color, curated by Jane Lincoln, Higgins Art Gallery, Cape Cod, MA (brochure)                    

              The Space Between, curated by Cathy Kimbell, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA (brochure)

              Close Calls, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA (also 2005, 2004)

              TOUCH, curated by Brent Hallard, Busdori, Tokyo, Japan

              Out of the Fog: Artists from Headlands Center for the Arts, curated by Dianne Romaine and Holly Blake,  Art works Downtown, San Rafael, CA   

 2007      TRANS: Abstraktion, Weltraum, Munich, DE (brochure)

              7-07 Hung Liu curates 7 Women Artists in the year of the Pig, b.Sakata Garo, Sacramento, CA (brochure)

              Bay Area Currents, The Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, CA

              Visual Noise, UMC Gallery, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

              The Unknown Quantity, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              Systems & Transmutations, Root Division, San Francisco, CA (catalogue)

              Still, Contemporary Quarterly, curated by Chandra Cerrito, (brochure)

2006      Suitcase: Bus-Dori, curated by Brent Hallard, Tokyo, JP

              Summertime, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL

              microcosm, curated by Victoria Wagner, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA (brochure)

              Sketch, The Memorial Union Gallery, University of California atDavis, Davis, CA

2005      Contemporary Perspectives, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Rosa, CA

2004      and now they aren’t. but they are., Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              The Lineup, Walter and McBean Galleries, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA (catalogue)

              Northwest Annual, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA

              Pareidolia, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA

              Will’s Creek Survey 2004, Allegany Arts Council Saville Gallery, Cumberland, MD

              New American Talent 19 (two year traveling exhibition), Arthouse, Austin, TX (catalogue)

              One Line Collective, The Flatiron Building, Chicago, IL

              Lines, Angles, Curves, Adobe Gallery, Castro Valley, CA

2003      Closer Than You Think, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              Relish, works/san jose, San Jose, CA

              Dark Spring, Drive Thru Studios, Chicago, IL

2002      Western States Small Works, Sonoma Museum of Visual Art, Santa Rosa, CA

              Ag:works25, works/san jose, San Jose, CA

1999      Introductions 1999, The Art Foundry Gallery, Sacramento, CA

              M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition, Mills College Museum, Oakland, CA           

              Bay Area M.F.A., The Mills Building, San Francisco, CA           

              Hubub, works/san jose, San Jose, CA

1998      Rhythm, Gesture & Metaphor, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT

              Spanning the Bay, Center for Visual Arts, Oakland, CA

1997      shrink, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA

1995      25 x 25#20, The Print Club, Philadelphia, PA (edition)

              Fluxus (in conjunction with John Cage: A RolyoverCircus at Philadelphia Museum of Art), Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA



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2014     Artist in Residence, Willapa Bay, Oysterville, WA (April 2015)

             Artist in Residence, The Wassaic Artist Residency, Wassaic, NY (January 2016)

              Alternate for Artist Residency, The Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL

2013      Grant, Center for Cultural Innovation

              Grant, The Golden Rule Foundation

              Artist in Residence, The Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL

2012      Artist in Residence, The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, New Berlin, NY

              Alternate for Artist Residency, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA

              Artist in Residence, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

              Artist Grant, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

2010      Artist lecture, Academie Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands

              Geoform, online flat files artist

2009     “Best of the San Francisco: One of three artists to watch”, San Francisco Magazine

              Alternate for Artist Residency, Djerassi Resident Artist Program, Woodside, CA

              MINUS SPACE flat files, Brooklyn, NY

              Artist Grant, Goethe-Institute, San Francisco, CA

2007      The Drawing Center Viewing Program Artist

              Pierogi flat files, Brooklyn, NY

2004      Artist in Residence, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

              Visiting Artist, University of California at Berkeley, Painting, Berkeley, CA

2002-05 Headlands Center for the Arts Affiliate Artist

1998      American Composers Forum Grant

1995      Samuel B. Fleisher Art Memorial, Challenge Award



Adjunct Faculty, 2007-present, San Francisco State University, San Francisco

Adult Education Instructor, 2009-present, Graduate Student Advisor: 2009, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco

Adult Education Instructor, 2000-present, Graduate Student Advisor: 2014, California College of Art, San Francisco and Oakland, CA

Adult Education Instructor, 2004-present, San Francisco City College, San Francisco

Artists Advisory Board, 2009-2013, The Art Monastery Project, Labro, IT

Board Member: 2012-2014; Board Secretary: 2013; Advisory Board Member: 2014-present, Root Division, San Francisco, CA



DOPPLER: an exhibition of 22 international abstract artists working between 2D and 3D

2013      DOPPLER, Parallel Art Space, Brooklyn, NY


DOPPLER STOP: a series of exhibitions of 19 abstract artists working between 2D and 3D

2012      DOPPLER STOP, Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier, Amsterdam, NL

              DOPPLER STOP, Kunst en Complex, Rotterdam, NL

              DOPPLER STOP, Fluctuating Images at General Public, Berlin, DE

              DOPPLER STOP, trenutak.39 in association with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, HR


TRANS: three international exhibitions of artists in dialogue on abstract painting, co-curated with Brent Hallard (JP)  and Richard Schur (DE)

2009      TRANSformal, Pharmaka, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  TRANS form | color, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

2007      TRANS:Abstraktion, Weltraum, Munich, DE